Bad to the Bone? Not THIS Pit Bull!

My name is Dazie,

I weigh about ninety pounds soaking-wet, I live in harmony with a Collie whose name is Lyra, and I’ve become the shadow of my newest part time mistress, JC.  I have brownish black fur that is a little bit bristly to the touch, but shines in the sunlight and loves nothing more than to be gently petted by my owners.  At bedtime each night, I scurry into the foyer of my master’s house to awaken Lyra so that we can go outdoors one last time for the day to sit side-by-side in the snow and go potty.  (Lyra is much older than I and she lost most of her hearing a few years ago and so I straddle her on all fours and bark very loudly in order to awaken her.)  Lyra is my best friend.  We eat together and we play together.

Every night, because Lyra can no longer climb the stairs to my master’s bedroom, I go alone to their bed.  They encourage me to jump-up onto their bed (I’ve recently gained a bit too much weight so I have a little bit of anxiety about being able to make-it up that high) but they remind me that I can do it.  Soon my courage has risen high enough that I believe I can do it too, and up I go!  (Of course, my master and mistress are my spotters.)

When I’m ready, I dig at the top of the blankets with my paw, and they know that I’m prepared to make my journey underneath the covers down to the foot of the bed where I love to sleep (all toasty warm) each night.  These two humans are very comical in that they seem to find this amusing and affection provoking, so I never disappoint them.  First, of course, I exchange numerous kisses and hugs with them as we bid each other good-night. 

What is my complete identity?  I’m a five year old Pitbull.  Tragically, most people believe that I was born to be bad.  In fact, they believe that I’m bad to the bone.  I want you to know that, as my owners would gladly tell you, nothing could be further from the truth!  The truth is that there are bad people who take advantage of my tendency to be competitive and very well able to protect my master not only from ill intentioned people, but from any ill-intentioned dogs, as well.  These bad people  train me to use that tendency to beat-up and harm other dogs, and yes, even humans, too. 

I’m writing this letter to you because I want you to know that I’ve been given a bad rap based upon what has been done to me by violent people.  I am no different from humans in that, whatever ways I’m trained during my growing up years, are the ways I will behave as an adult.  If I am trained by mean, abusive, violent owners, I will learn to be mean, abusive and violent.  If, on the other hand, I am trained by gentle, loving humans, I will grow up to be a gentle and loving pet.

So please, I plead with you to keep an open mind regarding my brothers and sisters!  We are, by nature, extremely intelligent, loyal and loving animals who would give our lives for those we love.  Please raise us with tender loving care and that is the way that we will treat everyone with whom we come in contact..       

Please don’t lock us in your basement and teach us vicious techniques with which to fight and even kill our own kind.  (Even humans can learn to kill and so, you see, we are really not that different from you!)  Let us love you and those dear to you.  For we have hearts the size of Texas, if only we are given the understanding, love and the chance to develop our loving ways. 

You will know that you have been truly loved, only when you have been truly loved by a Pitbull.  My name is Dazie, and I speak the truth.


©2014 by JC Eberhart

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About JC "Jeanie" Cooke-Fredlund

Author, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Animal Behaviorist/Certified Dog Trainer, Pit Bull Care-Giver, History/Landmark Hunter and Paranormal Researcher.
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