I’d wondered whether or not a trip consisting of two adults and a big dog in a 25 foot motor home might not be a little bit difficult, but August 04th rolled around and during the wee-morning-hours we embarked on our trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
Ralph & Dazie walking back to motor home

Our first day on the road meant a lot of driving and riding. Along the way into Iowa I’d decided to “try” to use our motor home bathroom. Dazie The Pit Bull following close behind me. (We were moving along on a freeway at the time.) I got out of my seat in the front and hung-onto whatever I could as I meandered my way to the back where the bathroom is located.

So, there I was, closing the bathroom door. I should never have released my grip on the bathroom door knob after closing it tightly. Just as I released my grip on the knob, Ralph turned onto an extremely bumpy freeway exit. As I lost my balance I desperately grabbed ahold of one of the towel racks with one hand, and the shower curtain with my other hand. Down they both went; along with me as I tumbled backward into the shower. It wasn’t a bad landing, but as I shouted, “Ouch” from the shower floor, I realized that my husband could not have heard me over all of the road noise and rattling sounds a motor home makes while in-transit. When I’d gotten out of the shower and opened the bathroom door, there sat a patient Dazie, The Pit Bull looking at me as though she wondered what on earth was going on. (You know, that one ear back a bit and the other forward.)

I’ve just got to say that if you ever want to travel with the perfect traveling companion, you really must get a Pit Bull. This dog loves to “ride shotgun”. The only thing she loves to do more than that is to sit in the driver’s seat. I’m convinced that she’d drive if we’d let her!DSC_0005

Once we arrived in Pennsylvania where my high school best friend lives, Dazie was happy to get out of the motor home . . . until she met Lucy.Kathy Ed & Lucy Kramer1

Dazie, The Pit Bull was fairly oblivious to Lucy and Lucy’s “snapping” at her. Finally though, Dazie, The Pit Bull seemed to realize that this was going to go on and on and so Dazie tangled with her. Then both dogs seemed fine until, Lucy did her snapping thing again. They tangled again. So into the bedroom Lucy went and was gated-in.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie “Vacation” where Chevy Chase drove with the mean dog tied to the back of his car until a highway patrolman pulled him over? I hate to admit it, but I really wanted to ask Kathy and Ed if we could do that with Lucy!  (We really didn’t think they’d find it funny though, so we kept our thoughts to ourselves.)

Dazie, The Pit Bull was so good throughout our entire trip. She met two horses out by the barn, and interestingly, she knew to be wary of them both. She’d try to sneak up on them and then she’d quickly run away! DSCN1727

We had such a great time and I’m so glad that we had Dazie along. I am a living witness to the fact that Pit Bulls make the ideal traveling companions!DSCN1703

Copyright 2014 by JC Fredlund


About JC "Jeanie" Cooke-Fredlund

Author, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Animal Behaviorist/Certified Dog Trainer, Pit Bull Care-Giver, History/Landmark Hunter and Paranormal Researcher.
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  1. Marcela says:

    Excellent, excellent post! Yes, pit bulls make amazing traveling companions. My girlfriend and I just got back today from kayaking with our 2 pit bull mixes and we all had a great time. You can’t be a pit bull as a companion to any adventure. Enjoy your pit bull!


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