If you have read my blog you already know about dog fighting ring victims.

Heinous crimes of abuse are committed against Pit Bulls who refuse to fight in dog fighting rings. Many dog fighting rings have been successfully busted by officers here in the United States. Laws have just been changed in Costa Rica to protect dogs (Pit Bulls) there. But, tragically, many dog fighting rings continue to operate here in the US and in other countries.

Should you ever encounter a wandering Pit Bull, or adopt a Pit Bull, there are many ways to identify whether or not the dog has been a dog fighting ring victim:
Dog Fighting Signs

In addition to the above, there are two books that are very helpful:

BAD RAP-Front Cover The Lost Dogs

Please research before drawing any conclusions about the tragically misunderstood Pit Bull! Thank you.

Sincerey yours,
~Dazie (“”) (“”) and JC


About JC "Jeanie" Cooke-Fredlund

Author, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Animal Behaviorist/Certified Dog Trainer, Pit Bull Care-Giver, History/Landmark Hunter and Paranormal Researcher.
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