Protest Michael Vick as NFL Honorary Captain on Jan 18 NYC – Worldwide, & Jan 26 Orlando FL.

This man is responsible for countless acts of horrific brutality against dogs. (To learn more, read the book, “The Lost Dogs”) Such a man has no honor!




Protest Against the National Football League (NFL) for Honoring *Michael Vick* as ProBowl Captain.

Who:  Organizers, Kate Riviello, Julie Elrod.


 FIRST DAY OF PROTESTJanuary 18, 2020 – 12 noon to 2pm (rain or shine!)

The objective of the protest, along with the over one million signatures on petitions by other groups including Animal Viktory, is to compel the National Football League to rethink honoring Michael Vick as honorary captain, a convicted felon who engaged in dog fighting activities for over six years with exquisite horrible details revealed to the public about their torture and deaths.  The campaign is directed to Roger Goodell, CEO of the NFL Board of Directors.  Dog lovers across the nation are outraged and have called for a boycott of all sponsors.  Animal activists state that he did not serve time for animal cruelty but instead for federal…

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Author, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Animal Behaviorist/Certified Dog Trainer, Pit Bull Care-Giver, Intuitive, History/Landmark Hunter and Paranormal Researcher.
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